How to survive your diet may help lose weight!!

What to do when we told you that there is a quick and easy way to lose weight without changing mode and not even putting a foot in the gym?

Although it may be hard to believe, many studies have shown that the rate at which you eat, no matter what you eat is directly related to your weight.

Diet increases the amount of calories that you burn each meal

According to a study in the journal Chaiq 2015, in zoos, as long as your diet will not be weakened, your body increases the amount of calories burned during digestion: about 10 calories to 300 calories of food, that is slower than the previous ones. Coal can burn about 2000 additional calorie studies per month also show that consumption of a diet significantly increases blood flow to the stomach and large intestine, helping to digest and absorb more of the nutrients in your diet. Food.

On the contrary, studies have also shown that while your body is still able to absorb nutrients in food, when he cries more, eating more can burn more calories. In fact, if the research team followed a group of people for eight years, I have found that fast food is associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome by 35 years with such health problems as high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol . And excess fat. Participants who ate slowly, diet gained less weight than those who eat junk food during the eight years of the study, and the results are not influenced their BMI, eating habits or level of exercise. Except this. Man.

Excessive elevation can lead to weight gain

These findings seem to correspond to the studies conducted in American American Clinical Nutrition Journal magazine in 2013, which found that people suffering from obesity, eat less food than the people on the skin, even if they eat the same amount, and eat the same amount. General chat general chat Lounge Lounge How do we know? If the research team asked all the participants in the study to cry for 40 times each beef proteins and proteins normally eat less. If both groups eat more food than usual, hormone levels increase hunger and pleasure.

How to save it, you can feel completely

One reason for the increase in fat is that feeding slows down the amount of food. In fact, Meena Shah, professor of nutrition at Texas Christian University, found that people who eat slowly and try to eat less, because there are more slowly, they can help them more intelligently and more aware of its completeness. Business. General chat Lounge

Since training for persons indicated that reduce calories and speed up the pace, we offer you five interesting ways to add subtle and / or crunchy ingredients in your favorite dance, to help you lose weight. Help Weight. Talk about reducing the waist line,

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