You Really Need To Stop Eating Sugar, To Eat Healthy?

Every year you have to sleep with countless things you should not eat more healthy and become a better version of yourself. In general, the top of the list of bad guys always have one thing: sugar. But, despite the fact that they were demonic for many years, they are not a monster, which they are intended. This is the big question: Do you really have to give up sugar consumption for a healthy diet?

Because of all the negative headlines, it is easy to play them whenever you see the word “diabetes”. These are the ingredients that should be responsible for the rabies disease, and experts say that this could lead to addiction. Here’s the deal, though: In fact, not all the sugar is afraid, and I think that it can do more harm than good to your health.

Not all sugar is created equal.

This may come as a surprise, but it is better not to completely remove the sugar from the diet. Although the world is taught to believe that candy and strawberry bowl of equally great for a lot of sugar, they have different effects on your body.

“There are two kinds of sugar: natural sugar and sugar with the addition of”. Amy Goren County, MS, RDN, the owner of the power Amy Goren in New York, said: When we talk about reducing the level of sugar in public health, we really are experiencing added sugar. Located in fruits and even vegetables, sweet potato is an essential component of a healthy and balanced diet and provides a large number of vitamins, minerals and other vitamins. Food.

In fact, your daily intake of natural smell is essential to all cells and organs in your body: “The body needs glucose – the simple sugars – the only pieces of energy that it can burn,” Diana L. Dancho, RD, Department of Health UNC REX at the rally, said the LDN. , NC “Glucose comes from carbohydrates contained in fruits, dairy products, fruits and vegetables Home -. There are natural and unrefined foods to obtain healthy sources of carbohydrates and sugar needed by our body.

But while you want to get these healthy sources to your phone, Dancho said that added sugars should not exceed 6 tablespoons per day for women and 9 tablespoons of men. It’s not just the sugar that you add to your diet, it is also a sugar companies also offer in processed foods, such as pasta sauce, bread and salad dressings. Yes, yes, checking food labels is really important.

“Added sugar is cleaned, does not provide the power and ready for the body,” – said Dancho. “Inflammation – is a natural reaction to infection, virus or bacteria, and junk food, such as sugar, can lead to chronic inflammatory conditions that destroy cells and cause disease.” Such as Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.

Also, what plays in chronic diseases, the use of a diet high in sugar can cause problems with the knives and teeth. But here is the daily payment for one reason: You do not need to completely restrict yourself to stay healthy.

How to actually eat healthier – (some) sugar included.

People are not perfect, giving yourself a little sugar will not kill. However, reducing the consumption of smaller portions – instead of replacing the natural sweet food – will definitely help improve your overall health.

“If you limit the number of adventitious sugars you consume more products that may be beneficial for your health,” – says Goren. “Oranges, for example, contain sugars, dietary fiber, vitamin C and other natural nutrients. However, additional benefits from table sugar, you do not get.”

In fact, the best way to improve overall health – simply eat more fruits and vegetables. Yes, the same as his mother always told you, when grown up, that no child did not want to hear it.

“A good basic rule is the use of herbal and healthy diet in 80 to 90% of cases with healthy fats, low in animal fat and refined foods” – Danny says. “Avoid sugary drinks and desserts daily, but enjoy eating special festive dishes in small portions, and sometimes it’s just an effective and viable strategy.”

With sweet treat from time to time – that is, not with every meal – you will be prudent. Because sugar can be part of the big bad, it can also be part of a healthy diet.

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